Relief From Stress

Deep inner peace is our natural state. Attitude change, living true to ourselves and becoming the witness, each play their part in our learning to flow.

Carried by the heart-opening music of Philip Benjamin (on piano), the listener is guided into a deep breath relaxation and a journey into the soothing images of Nature.
Frustrations, worries, tension headache, anxiety - these are common ailments in our stress-filled times. Most of them can be neutralised by learning to relax our muscles, breathing differently or by changing the way we think. Dr Farmer takes the listener into a world of relaxation, tranquility, gratitude, living in the Now, forgiveness and much more. Like water flowing effortlessly downhill, we too are destined to find our birthright of inner peace


" When the caterpillar is about to become a butterfly, it lets go of the belief that its movements are confined to the ground…."

" If we say 'yes' when we mean 'no' because we fear rejection or criticism, we pay for our timidity with a far heavier price…. "

"When I find my mind believing something to be true, I explore the opposite of the belief, until I see that it could equally be true. Then I know that I know nothing, and my mind is free…."

"The waves on the beach set an example of unhurried power, keeping to the same steady rhythm, no matter how fierce the storm…."

"Forgiveness brings the water of compassion to the dry desert of our heart, allowing peace, beauty and joy to flower once again…."

1. Our Natural State Is Peace 5.00
2. 'To Thine Own Self Be True' 6.45
3. Relax Into Contentment 4.08
4. Observing The Breath (Guided Meditation) 10.50
5. Pathways To Inner Peace 7.35
6. Calming The Automatic Nervous System 5.35
7. More Pathways To Inner Peace 7.35
8. Relaxing Images Of Nature (Guided Imagery) 5.52
9. Seeing Good In All Misfortune 4.31
10. Saying 'Yes! Yes!' To Life 4.35
11. Forgiveness Brings Relief From Stress 5.54


Relief From Stress

Relief From Stress

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