Nervous Breakthrough

Turn a nervous breakdown into a rewarding 'nervous breakthrough'

At the peak of his professional career, Dr Ron Farmer himself experienced a nervous breakdown.
Now, on this recording, he shares the attitudes and techniques he discovered to turn a nervous breakdown into a rewarding 'nervous breakthrough'.
When we learn to dive deep we can find inner peace.
Having a nervous breakdown can signal the end of a productive life, or it can be the first step on a journey of re-discovering the true Self. Dr Farmer shares with the listener how he transformed his own ego-shattering collapse into a richly-rewarding 'nervous breakthrough' experience. His words will touch all listeners with their simple wisdom, compassion and beauty.


" There is a very useful tool which simply says, 'Don't believe everything you think'…"

" We can confidently follow the 'path of the heart', knowing that all mistakes made along the way are immeasurably valuable…. "

(Poem) "May every wave in every sea wash away the man that hides me, until all that is left is the sea within, flowing free-form with the heavenly sound of eternal change."

" Nature teaches us that out of confusion comes order. It is not that order develops in spite of the confusion; but rather, that order is the given, lawful, next step in the cycle of change…."

1. For Those Of You Who Are Suffering   2.31
2. Let Your Tears Give Birth To You   2.41
3. The Onset Of My Own Nervous Breakthrough   7.47
4. How A Nervous Breakdown Can Become A Nervous Breakthrough   4.33
5. The Art Of Conscious Suffering   9.37
6. Waves Of Change On The Inner Sea (Poem)   2.09
7. Nature Is Our Best Teacher   5.04
8. Cry The Releasing Tears   3.27
9. Out Of Confusion Comes The New Order   9.37
10. First Steps Along The Path-With-Heart   2.58
11. The Habit Of Self-Pity Can Be Changed For The Good   4.51
12. In The Darkest Swamp There Grows A Beautiful Flower   4.41
13. May Your Path In Life Always Have Heart   1.43

Nervous Breakthrough

Nervous Breakthrough

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